Electric Power, Aerospace, Environment, Regulatory Policy, Life Sciences



Sy Ali is the principal of Clean Energy Consulting. He has over 25 years of professional and management experience in the fields of:

• Energy

• Aerospace

• Electric power generation (Distributed and Central

• Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power)

• Environment (multi-media pollutants control)

• Regulatory policy development and implementation

Dr. Ali has conducted business case evaluations, participated in M&A, partnerships, and acquistions. He developed programs for the companies he served. He also developed projects as directed by DOE, EPA, USAID, and DOC.

As a member of the Secretary of Energy's advisory council he generated several documents requested by the Secretary. He served as an advisor to Indiana Department of Commerce.

Previously he worked for:

• General Motors Allison Engine Division
Director,Business Development and Advanced Programs

• Rolls-Royce. Director, Business Development and
Advanced Programs

• Duke Energy (Public Service Indiana). Executive Director,
Environmental Programs

• General Electric in various supervisory and management

He offers professional experience on gas turbine based power generation using conventional fuels (coal, natural gas, diesel), and alternate fuels (biomass, wood waste); jet engines; nuclear reactors; fuel cells; integrated gasification combined cycle systems; solid oxide fuel cells; hydrogen turbines; carbon management, sequestration and control; environmental policy establishment; selection and installation of environmental control equipment.

His design experience covers proposal generation, preliminary design, cycle evaluation, aero-thermal, stress analysis, high temperature materials (single crystal, ceramics), low emission combustors, and system design.

Sy Ali has managed multi-million dollar projects from inception to completion. He helped add new products to current product portfolio. He has conducted business case evaluations to determine cash flows, return on investment, payback periods, and required capital investment. He conducted tactical and strategic planning, and participated in joint ventures, partnerships, acquisition, and teaming arrangements with other organizations.

Dr. Ali has interacted with senior officials of DOE, EPA and other Federal and State Government agencies, and participated in regulatory proceedings. He has presented testimony before the U.S. Congress on energy and environment.

Sy Ali is experienced in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project and other proprietary software for project management.

In previous employments, Sy Ali received Q and Secret clearances

He is a life member of ASME and a member of the Electric Power, Regulatory and Environmental, and Micro-turbine technical committees. He is a past member of AWMA and a past Associate Fellow of AIAA.

He serves on the Secretary of Energy’s advisory council. Dr. Ali also served on the review team for the State Department of Commerce Energy projects. He is a past member of: the Governor of Indiana’s Corporation for Science and Technology committee, the EPRI advisory committee, officer of the Gas Turbine Association, and the Dean of School of Science advisory committee in Indianapolis.

Dr. Ali is a registered Professional Engineer.